Dating someone younger in college

As anyone who’s ever dated someone younger can attest: it takes a lot.How to date someone younger than you Read on to find out how to approach dating, and the practical mindset you should have before you undertake the scary task of dating someone way younger than you. So, you’ve thrown out all your best hints to your younger love interest and she seems to be taking it well.If you’re a guy who appreciates an older woman though, no need to fly to Hollywood, there are cougars prowling your very own college campus. Fayr Barkley, a Human Behavior Research Expert and cougar expert, typically, a cougar is a woman who is over the age of 40, who dates a man 7 or more years her junior.“But what we are seeing is more and more women in their 20's calling themselves cougars because they relate to the confidence that a cougar woman has who ‘knows what she wants and goes for it,’” Barkley says.Celebrities like Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Ivana Trump, and Linda Hogan all have had significant others more than 10 years their junior.With age differences sometimes pushing 20, or even 30 years, these couples obviously never learned (or at least, never followed) the “Never date anyone under half your age plus seven” Rule.

[Read: 50 compatibility questions to ask your younger partner] If you have patience and understanding, and can let your guard down and let loose, you’ll have a fun time with your new mate in no time.Just remember: you already lived your 20s, and would you really ever want to go back and do it all over again? Enjoy your time with your new lover, but don’t let their age make you regret yours. While dating someone younger may start to make you feel like you’ve shed your years, gained some energy, and acquired a renewed sense of adventure, it may also start to make you feel like an old has-been.Keep in mind: while you’re not as enticed by the age of “selfies” as everybody else is, you still have something to offer your relationship. You may think that, as the older party in the relationship, you’ll be the one bringing all of the baggage into your relationship, but don’t underestimate the pressures and emotional issues that a 20-something goes through in this day and age.It’s taboo and risky, and you just may be the envy of all of your friends.But buyer beware: you may also be the laughingstock! Phil and in the celebrity world more and more these days: massive age differences.

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