Dating when you are forty

So whether we’re talking about taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, or psychologically, it really is crucial that you set clear and firm boundaries with your ex.

You can do so in a way that’s both kind and respectful.

Instead, remain the mature one and refuse to be drawn into the mudslinging and game playing.

Internal Boundaries Just as you must observe certain external behavioral boundaries, you must also set clear and firm boundaries within yourself.

And no matter how hard you’ve worked to let your ex know it’s over, he or she continues to call, to send emails and text messages, and to “accidentally” run into you when you go out.

But make sure that you’re working hard to do whatever is necessary to keep yourself safe, healthy, happy, and moving forward with your life.

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One of the most important internal boundaries has to do with how much you let the efforts of your ex get to you emotionally.

If you begin to obsess over all the games and intrusions, then you will have allowed this other person to control you and keep you from living your life as you choose.

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