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Therefore, King and Schulman decide to go to the address themselves and they found the correct unit.However, the man who opened the door claimed Remy didn’t live there.Finally, Mari broke down in tears and apologized to Angel.Three months later, Angel admitted she no longer speaks to Mari because she has a pattern of doing the same things to her behind her back.

He said that even though they talked for hours for three months, it meant nothing to him and something to do in his spare time.Angel remembered the forehead from the video chat and the picture he sends her did not match up.Also, Remy told her he lives with his ex-girlfriend because she still pays the rent, and that’s why he can’t meet up with her.She wrote into the show because she wants to meet her online lover, Remy, who lives near her and creepily watched her standing outside her car one time.Remy exhibits typical Angel lives in a town near Dallas, Texas, and has a six-month-old son.

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