At the club you then meet all of the members: Natsuki, the pink-haired ; Yuri, the purple-haired bookworm; Sayori, your orange-haired, overly-excitable and clumsy childhood friend; and Monika, the brown-haired, well-rounded girl who’s always at the top of the class. You write poems choosing words to gain the attention of one of the girls, talk with them, and the game progresses.

▼ All four girls are excited that you’re joining their club. But still, those warnings from the beginning are always in the back of your head, waiting and wondering…. If you’re intrigued at all, then I highly recommend downloading the game (for free! You could watch a Let’s Play on You Tube, but the game is pretty short (I beat it in less than four hours), and doing it yourself is part of the experience. I never thought my favorite video game of the year would be a dating sim/visual novel, but here we are, and I will never look at the genres the same way again…

The game was created for an indie jam — the Pulse-Pounding Heart-Stopping Dating Sim Jam — so it's not a full game, but rather a miniature version that sees you managing the complex emotions of a ukulele-playing T rex by the name of Taira.

Poor Taira has some serious self-esteem issues, and it's up to you to put him at ease and get the romance blossoming.

When the Daily Dot reported on a dating sim that involved buying your Tyrannosaurus crush a new ukulele, I was all in.

After all, how many chances does a girl get to woo an apex predator of the late Cretaceous?

It was created by Thailand-based games programmer Thongrop Rodsavas, who was apparently inspired by a game designing application called Tyrano Script (which, incidentally, was also used to make the game).

According to the company, smartphones get an extra 2 hours of juice when you use the battery. All of you Otaku can contact specialized online stores like Rinkya to get one for you when Webcrew starts shipping the batteries in February next year.

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Blink by Mattie Brice, anglerfish-themed Benthic Love by Mike Joffe and Anna Anthropy's Aegis Wing are some of our favourites.

In September last year, Konami Japan released a dating simulation called Love Plus that went on to become a huge hit on the Nintendo DS.

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