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You’ll end up becoming a prisoner and merely exist instead of live.” At the League, we do our best to value quality over quantity, placing the emphasis on fostering fewer quality connections over amassing great numbers of connections that are likely to fade.We want to minimize your chances of coming across ghosts and maximize your chances of meeting considerate, reliable, and real human beings.It’s pretty much guaranteed.” David Hung Dalhousie University, 4th year Theatre “Get to know the person before you fall in love with them, because usually it ends sour. And don’t settle.” Tia Cox Compu College, 4th year Interior Decorating “I probably wish I knew to take it slow, keep my options open. Make sure you get to know your surroundings before you settle down with one person. What’s the first step in creating a profile that delivers? Not only awkward and disappointing, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Men [are] more attracted to women displaying happiness, like a big smile.” Photos are key.“Don’t go after the first opportunity that’s given to you…Or how ‘bout, don’t be so naïve about everything, about guys who are trying to mislead you. If you don’t know somebody you have to get out there, put yourself out there and risk getting shot down, because it happens a bunch.Don’t be easily persuaded.” Sarah Delaney Mount Saint Vincent University, 3rd year Arts “Just talk to everyone in class, I guess, just anyone you want to talk to. And then you just have to apply yourself and be assertive.” Scott Mallory Dalhousie University, 3rd year Music “…There’s a happy medium between trying to sleep with every girl you meet and the, you know, kind of unrealistic, happily-ever-after relationship trope.Just because a lot of people aren’t looking to date in first year. But at the same time you feel like you’ve wasted a lot of your time.They’re just looking to hook up.” Avery Masewich Dalhousie University, 3rd year International Development Studies & Anthropology “People will ask you questions…but they really don’t care at all about your answer. Like saying you’re in the acting program at Dalhousie sounds pretty fuckin’ made up. I could say I’m in Physics or something way cooler than acting, like Business. I guess if you’re coming to Dalhousie and you want to get a sweet broad, pretend you’re in business and you play on a sports team. So really, just find out who they are if you really are attracted.

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Too much pre-date messaging can make first-date conversation challenging. According to life coach and author Christine Hassler, “It’s like you’re on your second date in terms of info, but your first date in terms of physical chemistry, which can make things awkward.” Too much information up front can interfere with good ole chemistry. Instead of trying to anticipate what the other person wants, go about your day and meet your own needs. And to potential matches, it’s a refreshing change to a landscape that is oversaturated with over-trying and insincerity. Creating fantasies about future first dates can only lead to disappointment.It’s good to experience a balance between being über relationship-y and über slutty.” Rory Mac Lellan University of King’s College, 6th year Philosophy “It’s tough to distinguish between friends and more than friends when you’re dealing with the opposite sex.And sometimes you should take time and think who is a good friend and worth just keeping in the friend zone and who you maybe want to take it to the next level with.” Brandon Tolliver University of King’s College, 3rd year Contemporary Studies & Classics “Date older guys.We often focus on traits in other people because we want to fulfill an insecurity in our own lives.“If a person isn’t financially secure, for example, it might be something he or she is wanting within his or her own life, which is why he or she is finding it attractive in someone else’s,” psychotherapist Tristan Coopersmith says.

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