David boreanaz sarah michelle gellar dating who is lucy hale dating in real life 2016

The ‘90s may have happened quite a bit ago, but it seems everyone is nostalgic for that sweet, simpler time in life.

It may be because we’re tired of constantly text messaging, swiping right, liking posts, and all the Snapchat filters. Unfortunately for the entire world, 2017 seems to be a time of much less Sarah Michelle Gellar in our lives.

Oh, and the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz would have the most attractive children ever was another reason it was all super hot.

If you were creating a time capsule for aliens or future humans to see what the ‘90s looked like, this picture would obviously be included.

There was a third time during which Buffy was shot, but Willow magically stopped Buffy from dying.

Like we said, coming back from hell or the death is pretty commonplace on .

She died again in season five and actually went to hell, but again was brought back.

Much of Alright, so the one photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar on roller blades is definitely the most ‘90s photo in this bunch, but this one has to be a close second. In 2004, raked in 7 million on a budget of just million. They are incredibly cheap to produce and can sometimes yield huge returns.

With the crop top and high-waisted jeans, it screams ‘90s. Let us all never forget that may have been Sarah Michelle Gellar’s hottest role.

While you could put a white button down shirt on just about anyone and it would look hot, Sarah Michelle Gellar looks outrageously hot wearing a white button down shirt in this photo.

The fact that she’s wearing a lacy black bra, black stockings, and black garter belt also helps add to the sex appeal. Oh, also there’s the fact that she has a perfect body.

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