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In 1901, 19 he ran for the Presidency, on a ticket of the Peoples Party, but was defeated each time. Liberias perennial problems Since 1822 the arrival of the first colonists efforts to develop the country had been hindered by a number of factors.

First there were the internal divisions within the group of colonists (far from homogeneous) separating blacks, including so-called Congo-people, from mulattoes and other light-skin Americo-Liberians.

Consequently, the Liberian Government faced financial bankruptcy at more than one occasion.

Colemans Interior Policy President Colemans ambitions envisaged the emergence of Liberia as a politically stable, economically strong and financially sound state.

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Thirdly, there were threats from within that dated from the first days of colonisation: clashes and conflicts between the settlers (and later their descendants) with the tribal population living in the area claimed by the republic, i.e. The deeper the Liberian Government penetrated into the Hinterland and the more territory it claimed (if she would not do it European powers would claim it) the more resistance it met from the tribal population.

Gardiners successor was Alfred Russell who, like Coleman, hailed from Kentucky, USA. It is very important and significant since it is illustrative of the fact that the Americo-Liberian political class consisted of a very small group of people.

After his resignation William Coleman did not give up his political ambitions.

He established influence of the Liberian Government in the hinterland north-west of the Saint Paul River, beyond his home-town of Clay-Ashland.

However, notably during his second term a growing number of Americo-Liberian fellow citizens disagreed with his interior policy.

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