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I do all the design, order all the products and then I hand it over to Bristol and he makes it happen."One item of business the pair loves doing together is finding deals to make their costs lower but their profits higher.

In season one, viewers loved when Aubrey searched for quality items on clearance or bargained with businesses to lower the cost of goods. I go bargain shop now and it's kind of a contest for who can save the most."The couple is the first to admit that having a successful business can be all-consuming at times. News days before the season two premiere, the pair was still working on a few flips that will be shown in future episodes.

Elvers, commonly known as glass eels, are the young of the American eel.

They are almost completely clear and only a few centimeters long, with a slender body and two black eyes on either side of their head.

As it turns out, Bristol is officially on board and absolutely understands the value of a coupon."I do it now. At the same time, the pair has found a way to decompress and enjoy family time away from a construction site."We actually have a house outside of Seattle and that's kind of our escape. It's on five acres, it's wooded and we love going there," Aubrey shared with us. Aubrey and I are both from small towns…That's where we go to vacation and enjoy time with our family."Back in Las Vegas, the couple's two children are already showing signs of the real estate bug.

As documented on Instagram, Kale and Kane find themselves able to help out and get involved at job sites."[Seven-year-old Kale] loves to help me pick out product.

After three or four years, they return to their natal waters and repeat the cycle.

Alewives migrating to and from freshwater spawning grounds are a source of food all along the way to predators like marine fish, eagles, osprey, herons, mink, otters, and freshwater game fish.

"He's always got some input and he's really good with colors."As for what keeps this couple going back for more and more houses, the reasons are simple."When you take something that is a complete disaster and turn it into something magnificent, it's a great accomplishment," Aubrey explained to us.Alewives also are also an important seasonal bait source for Maine’s lobster fishery.The Maine Department of Marine Resources estimates that the ponds above Bristol Mills have the potential to support over 600,000 adult spawning alewives.To learn about volunteering to count alewives at the Bristol Mills dam, contact Slade Moore.To learn more about alewife, read the Maine River Herring Fact Sheet.

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