Denmark marriage dating members

The main effect is that they may be slower, and will be more expensive.But we have been assured that nothing will change that will seriously affect our couples.

Outside the EU a few countries such as Canada and UAE still require full legalisation of your Danish marriage certificate.

We provide an efficient apostille and legalisation service for couples who require it.

There are also one or two countries such as Italy, Switzerland and France, who have their own odd requirements, all of which we have experience of and would be pleased to help you with. The change is that your documents will be processed by a central unit, instead of by the registrars in each kommune.

Yes, if you prefer, you can pay in cash, in euros or Danish kroner.

Please be ready to pay when you meet Louise, Yuki or Anna the day before the wedding. We are a family-run wedding agency based on the beautiful little island of Aeroe (Ærø) in the south of Denmark, and we are the only agency with an actual office and private wedding room here – so we are on hand to assist with everything to do with your wedding.

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