Did gale harold dating michelle clunie

It was a friend of his named Susan Landau, who is the daughter of the actor Martin Landau, that suggested he try his luck in acting around 1997 which he adhered to and made his theatrical debut in the show The Queer as Folk star is said to be born to a father who was an engineer; his mother was a real estate agent.

Not much is known about his family apart from the fact that his parents were devout Pentecostals who brought him up alongside his younger brother and older sister under strict religious guidance.

To further his education, he went on to study Photography at the San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, California.

Gale started off working several menial jobs like being a bartender, waiter, an apprentice at a motorcycle mechanic workshop and with a construction company.

Thereafter, he proceeded to study at the American University in Washington based on a soccer scholarship and graduated with a Liberal Arts degree in romance literature.

Furthermore, there was an incident outside a restaurant where Danielle tried to physically abuse him, screaming she would never let him leave but would destroy him.

Danielle also had her side to the story in which she claimed that Gale had slapped her and forcefully pulled on her ponytail.

The series follows the lives of five gay men living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Brian (Gale Harold), Justin (Randy Harrison), Michael (Hal Sparks), Emmett (Peter Paige), and Ted (Scott Lowell); a lesbian couple, Lindsay (Thea Gill) and Melanie (Michelle Clunie); and Michael's mother Debbie (Sharon Gless) and his uncle Vic (Jack Wetherall). He is his own man and believes in having sex for the sheer joy of doing it.

Another main character, Ben (Robert Gant), was added in the second season. While he and Justin have an on-and-off-again relationship, Justin is the only one of his sexual encounters that Brian finds himself falling in love with and the only one he continues to have sex with after the first night.

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