Divorced how to start dating again

A lot of online advice says people should not start dating until after the divorce is finalized, but where I live you cannot file until you have been separated for a whole year, which is way too long! It’s been a while since we’ve had a dating question, right? You sound super ready to try dating and like you’re making all the right choices to be nice to yourself. A very kind Twitter mutual helped me do some quick Bumble research, and it looks like the site doesn’t prompt or require you to indicate your exact level of singleness or disclose past marital entanglements in a dedicated data field, ergo it’s not a factor people can use to sort their matches or auto-weed out mismatches.

That closes off one recommendation I had, which was to look for people who check all the boxes about being matched with folks with single/divorced/separated statuses and scroll by the “I WISH TO ENTERTAIN ONLY THE SINGLEST OF SINGLES” folks.

For almost the last year, we were on opposite work schedules, so I only saw him 1-2x/week.

I have no regrets about ending things and zero interest in getting back together.

If I should put separated on my profile, any recommendations for wording (besides “Separated BUT WELL ADJUSTED” haha)?

Those who were blindsided by the split or who put a lot of effort into saving the marriage likely have scars from the experience.My general recommendation for stuff like this is to err on the side of being totally straightforward, get disclosures that make you nervous done before you meet someone in person if you can comfortably and safely do it, and don’t apologize for who you are.You have done and are doing nothing to be ashamed of.Part of me thinks that no one is going to swipe right when they see this, due to the stigma and because I am only 29 years old (“so young, so much baggage! Should I be putting this on my profile and being transparent from the start?I guess I hope once people meet me in person (and see that I am not someone who consistently whines about their ex/failed past relationship) they will not think it is a big deal.

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