Do men find me intimidating

You're not scaring the good guys away - they're already scared.Learn how to communicate to the good ones in a way which makes the feel comfortable around you, create that much needed emotional bond with him, and you won't have to worry about why nice guys are running from you or doing all their weird stuff around you anymore.I assume the vast majority of women do NOT like to be treated like shit.They may date a bad boy but that is far from dating a jerk or just some asshole. How you get a nice guy to step up and be the man you want him to be without destroying the feminine-masculine connection? You came hear for an answer related to being beautiful - which means you think it, believe it, or just take it for granted based on what you've heard others say about you.In slight defense of them - being one of them their views are not all unfounded: And NO - I'm not playing the blame game, that is their subjective images based on a limited belief system that stops them from moving forward and objectifying their lives.In other words how can you tell if he's feeling intimidated by you?

Well I can say unless you're looking in all the wrong places, doing and saying all the wrong stuff, or your standards are stuck on type one guys AND you're a bad judge of character... It's not your fault because it's a fact that most nice guys are just way too intimidated by beautiful women.

Your first step is to take an objective look at where, when, and how you meet men and quickly decide if that's needs to be changed immediately.

Your SOLUTION then is simply learning a different way to communicate with ALL men which will do several things: You want a guy to be with you and stick around for the right reasons (and not just because he's physically attracted to you) so you must learn the skill to do that while at the same time eliminating the wrong guys from your dating life.

They strangely enough also confuse beauty with rudeness (or not being nice) and convince themselves that they're right about it all.

They try so hard to treat you differently they become just like every other nice guy ALL trying to do the same.

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