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The wise men say that if something is not truly experienced with all our five senses, the experience will be partial, not total.

Therefore in a way almost all our gained knowledge through life is partial. , is really a total different experience than educating only on books.

As the United States began their foray into World War I, the Power family committed the crime of abstaining from the military draft.

A family of miners who lived in an isolated cabin... Each is convinced of their own reality, even though this reality might be much different than your own.

Roughly one in 10 Americans visit an online dating website each month seeking a fresh romantic start.

NBC News and Today Show Correspondent Amy Robach reveals how online daters are using cutting-edge technology in search of love and how digital entrepreneurs are getting rich helping them do it.

You can browse all documentaries, check out the complete documentary list or top 100 docs.

Also you can always browse documentaries by categories from the sidebar if you feel like. Females with cubs must hunt for food and if left alone their offspring are prone to the cruelty of more dominant predators.

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you can find thousands of stunning, eye-opening and interesting documentaries.Even scavengers can abuse this slim feline built for speed. There are many psychopaths in society, that actually, we virtually know nothing about.These are the psychopaths who don't necessarily commit homicide, commit serious violence, or even come to the attention of the police. Eye of the Illuminati is an in depth look at the state of the world, and the agenda of secret societies and the ruling class of the developed one world government system.Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market.

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