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Sweetness is not weakness Dominican women are attentive, sensitive and nice. You will soon see, that all women are very kind and try to get in touch with you immediately.

You can’t get that hot Dominican girl you saw in NYC out of your head. you probably think that only black women have In the DR, there are plenty of girls that wouldn’t look out of place at a Hip Hop party in Atlanta.

At the clubs, Dominican girls are watching like hawks to see what you are ordering/drinking.

I can guarantee you 2-3 times more eye contact in the club if you wear a suit and order a bottle.

The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribean Sea and shares the island Hispaniola with Haiti.

If you don’t have a sickness for the thickness like I do and you care about girls’ faces, let me tell you that Dominicans girls don’t have pretty faces like most Colombianas do.

Its official language is Spanish and its official currency is the Dominican peso which has an exchange rate of aprox. If you are looking for a woman from the Dominican Republic why not go for some holidays to this amazing island?

It is perfectly worth a visit the whole year except during the hurricane season between August and October.

Flakiness in the Dominican Republic is not at epidemic levels like in Colombia but you will get flaked on a lot.

You’ll get flaked on if it’s raining, if she is lazy and doesn’t feel like going out that night, if the meeting location is too far away, etc.

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