Double standard for women in dating

Everyone knows by now that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

We’ve taken great strides in our society recently to level the playing field and all meet in the middle, on Earth, but there are some men in the world who still don’t want to recognize the genders as equal.

Some women are happy to get down to business the night they meet; others will wait weeks or months before doing the deed.

In other words, if a woman knocks boots with a guy too soon, does she automatically nix her chances for long-term love–or is that old-fashioned nonsense in today’s modern-day dating scene? They push women for sex and then blame women for having sex.

We work just as hard as you do, so we’re only going to put in the effort to make ourselves look nice if we’re actually going somewhere.

Hustler ladies need to relax and drink in their pajamas sometimes too.

Just keep your judgments to yourself like a decent human being.

Without it, the relationship in question doesn’t stand a chance.

She loves hanging out with her goofy husband and two rescue dogs and can be found at the beach with a drink in hand whenever possible.

How to Tell if a Girl Is Gay by the Way She Behaves Around You You’re not sure if your crush is vibing you.

It could be a variety of reasons, one being she’s a lesbian.

No doubt about it: The first time a woman beds down with a guy she’s crazy about is an exciting and special time. Whatever a woman’s decision, we had to wonder: Does the double standard still exist today?

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