Dreamweaver cs4 template not updating Local sex moms

Hi All, I am a beginner with DW CS4 - and I really would appreciate some help! After this I created a number of pages from the template, which worked very well. Tested another change on the template and "updated". I haven't uploaded anything or so, only working on it on the computer... Then I decided that instead of the simple text menu on the template, I should try make a spry-menu. How can I update the pages so that they all get the nicer spry-menu? Now, the change I did this morning did NOT show, but all of a sudden the menu now shows!! You can now turn your company’s database of products into an easily updated online catalog—or turn that cherished recipe collection into an online culinary resource for an adoring public.

Dreamweaver also includes plenty of tools for managing Web sites once you’ve built them.

An optional region: A section of a template that holds content—such as text or an image—that may or may not appear in a document.

I just upgraded from an old version of Dreamweaver to CS4 Dreamweaver.

For example, the HTML page code shown on Of Tags and Properties would look like the same as the HTML page.

If you understand only HTML, don’t worry—XHTML isn’t a revolutionary new language that takes years to learn.

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