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I signed up thinking my matches would be in the surrounding area of which I live or at least in my state. Plus I specified I preferred a man of ** ethnicity.

What exactly is the harm in being bought dinner or a couple drinks. This site is an absolute waste of your time and money!!!!

Paying ~0 for a 6-month subscription to not be getting any matches consistently after only one week is absurd.

I don't have any political stances or religious needs holding me back, I'm open to whatever.

(I confess I didn't read all the fine print as I couldn't imagine customer service not taking care of customer satisfaction.) If they were confident in their service they would give refunds if people found them to be unsatisfactory.

It makes no sense that they would force you to stay in the agreement for a year if you come off their site, wish not to be presented further and not return unused funds.

There are a number of reasons why that result occurred and I'd be happy to review your account and see if I can find more information.

I filled out the questionnaire and back and forth with someone. I also tend to get men way older than me and out of my age range messaging. I’ve had matches that are 100 percent who never responded to me many times.

Instead all I have received are matches that are located in Delaware, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, Florida. 60% of my matches that e Harmony sent me were men of ** ethnicity.

Once you get that result, your account is locked unless you contact us.

If you would email us at [email protected] the email address associated with that account, I'd be happy to investigate and see if I can unlock that for you.

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