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You can find some information on the older Sablière's machines , along with illustrations by Daniel Rebour, along with other scatterings of published words and images, mostly in French. But while today the Sablière name is not as readily recognised as the names of Singer and Herse, it is nevertheless recognised in collector circles. And wondered what the heck I had gotten myself into. Well, you can't be too modest or shy when it comes to these things. Look for a stamp indicating a serial number which can then be researched.

As far as the father, Charles, it is slim pickings.

To confirm this, the measurements began - which for me, was pure torture, as I am hardly the most precise person in the world and seem to find it a challenge to even hold a ruler or a set of calipers straight.

" "Because maybe then you'll believe that a bike from the 1960s can rival a modern racer in weight and performance." "I already believe. I really, really don't need another fr..." "Another frame?! To my eye, the 700C frame - in its aesthetics alone - suggested the mid-1960s, and with this my friend agreed.

By establishing a bond prior to meeting you can relax knowing your date will be enjoyable and you can leave any worries at the door!

Now, what, or who, is this Sabliere, you might ask? Because Charles Sablière of Lyon was one of the lesser-known constructeurs - custom builders of fine racing, randonneuring and cyclotouring bicycles - in the heyday of such machines in 20th century France.

Choose who you want to build a connection with and build a relationship at a pace that you feel comfortable with and at a time that suits you!

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And that, dear readers, is where dating a bicycle lands you.

The dating scene in Belize is probably the worst in Central America. Belize women look better than the average girls in Guatemala and Nicaragua. In a country of only 300,000 people, you won’t have many local dating options.

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