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You know the type, a relatively good price in a great area and all the requirements. You are given reassurance that you will find the right one bit you can't help feeling left out.

But only one picture, and it’s a dodgy one of the street outside – you can’t even tell which one it is, the one on the left or right? Inevitably you’ll go to the viewing and see it in person and realise there was a reason for no pictures. On the bright side, it gives you plenty of time to figure out whose flat is the best for hosting pres and which living room in Tollcross will be the best to crash in after an ATIK Friday.

ENTREPRENEUR Bill Dobbie is stepping down as chief executive of online dating company Cupid following a year which has seen its share price slump amid allegations it used fake messages to attract subscribers.

Although an investigation by accountancy firm KPMG cleared Cupid of deliberate wrongdoing the share price slid from 197p in January to just 49p in March.

Another friend has had similar experiences on Tinder and Po F.

My viewpoint is, whilst freemium dating can work, subscription based services show that both sides are actually serious about it.

I feel as if I'm kind of getting depressed sifting through the never ending pictures of ladies proudly sporting duckfaces coupled with the dog filter on Tinder and Po F.

I'm sure it turns some on, but I can't really say that's my thing.

The one's I've been to are about the activity though, not getting to know each other and swopping phone numbers.

The social meetup groups are probably ok for dating, I actually stopped going to those because I was tired of every convo devolving into being asked out.

I'm sure people find each other in those groups though.

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