Edmx file not updating

I have an edmx file and I changed a table in my database.I know that there is an "Update Model from database" wizard, however in many cases this is useless.The Update Model Wizard also makes some changes to the conceptual model and mappings, but it only makes these changes when objects are added to the database.For example, new entity types are added to the conceptual model when tables are added to the database, and new properties are added to entity types when columns are added to a table.Is this the definitive answer or is there a better way to do this? NET Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer) uses the Update Model Wizard to update an file from changes made to the database.

Context contains all the logic for interacting with database and Entities represent database tables.

Types like Object Context that were previously in System. The general rule for namespace changes is that any type in System.

From VS Feedback: after updating the model from database and saving.

For details about what changes are made to the file, see Changes Made to an File by the Update Model Wizard.

When you updated the database using the update model wizard, it updated the storage model in the file and not the conceptual model.

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