Eight red flags i learned from online dating government mandating

So when it comes time to go on dates with matches IRL, I feel I have better first dates than I did in the past, when red flags I spotted in a profile were also true in-person.It’s a given that good eye contact is important when you’re speaking to somebody — when they’re looking at *you*, not every other person walking by, especially if you’re on a date.The old me would have dismissed if a date looked at a woman here and there; however, the red-flag-sensitive-me knows it’s disrespectful if a guy I’m out with keeps staring at other women.

Of course, “actions speak louder than words,” so if someone is a talker more than a doer, it can be a red flag if you want to date someone with more integrity, and one who follows through on plans.I learned that the more you pay attention, the more you’ll weed out people with qualities you don’t want.For instance, I went through a phase of dating guys with drinking problems, and had I paid more attention to their online dating profiles, I probably could have prevented this.However, the more dates you go on, the more you trick yourself into thinking, “” Wrong.In essence, you realize you need to pay attention to red flags sooner.“It can be easy to get so swept up in the idea of someone that you ignore the red flags, especially in the beginning,” Antonia Hall, psychologist, relationship expert, and author of the books, tells Bustle.

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