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the natives (only the anti-immigrants) want to cut down the tree so that no immigrant gets a mango a majority or us who are waiting patiently are the law abiding ..we wait for the mango to fall on our head rather than doing something to make the mango fall ..while waiting we fight and discuss silly issues (whether we should buy a house - how to get our maid on visa :)).

so I can't file by tomorrow Hi immilaw member, Thank you for the response, but my situation is..... My diploma certificate will be dated somewhere around December,2006. My H1B approval notice says my H1 is valid from October-1, 2006. For the current job I need MS degree, but I submitted a letter from my school saying all the course work is completed, but the diploma will be awarded in December, 2006. a.) if I change my job after I receive my certificate, can I apply for green card on EB2 in my new job (assuming that my new jobs requires Masters too)?

b.) Should the date on the certificate be earlier than the affective date of H1B or should it be earlier than the joining date of the job I am applying my green card on? And dont forget that teacher's H1 also comes under the cap.

I am NOT an attorney and this is not a legal advice. In absence of I-94, they wont send any RFE, they will reject the 485 case right away.

The new USCIS memo states that if initial evidence is missing, then they are not obligated to send RFE anymore. Rule060107--Read the "Initial Evidence requirements" on page 2. I sent my 140-485-765 on June 30, reached Nebraska on July 2..file was sent to Texas and July 12 they sent the Receipt Notice for the 140 ...

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