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A linker just has to concatenate the data sections, resolve symbol and inter-section relocations.But that does cause lots of repeated data structures (types) and the linker has to process a lot of references/relocations.

We relied on GCC's and GNU linkers' plugin facilities to collect section/symbol dependencies, and downgrade unused symbols' visibility to hidden to enable the --gc-sections linker switch to eliminate them.This information will only be used to contact you about the arrangements for the GNU Tools Cauldron 2018, including a follow-up questionnaire after the event.The data is held securely on outsourced secure servers where the data is encrypted.This time, the GNU Tools Cauldron returns to the North of England, taking place in the Sackville Street building of the University of Manchester, adjacent to the Alan Turing memorial.Manchester University was one of the earliest centers of computer innovation, with Alan Turing serving as Deputy Director of the Computing Machine Laboratory from 1949.

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