Evgeny lebedev dating

He urged the Russian authorities to protect his father.

However, that didn't stop Liz from taking a dig at the pairby posting a picture from the 1968 film 'Planet of the Apes' which shows Charlton Heston's character Taylor kissing ape Zira.

Liz and Evgeny are believed to mix in similar circles and share celebrity friends including David Walliams and sir Elton John.

Perhaps Liz's cosy date night was a way for her to get back at Shane - who allegedly spent four hours in a hotel room with Ultimo founder Michelle Mone just two days after their Valentine's getaway.

Thirty-year-old Evgeny Lebedev is the chairman of Independent Print Ltd, which owns the London Evening Standard and the Independent newspapers, bought since the beginning of last year by his billionaire father, Alexander Lebedev.

As one of the most eligible bachelors in the UK, he has been dating the actress Joely Richardson, though film and theatre come second to paintings and sculpture, which are his real passion. He thinks the contemporary art market is overburdened with brand products, that Damien Hirst is a better businessman than an artist, and that it is time for a more individual and spiritual art to emerge.

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