Ex boyfriend is dating another girl

If this dream occurs immediately after a break up, it could represent a fear that he will have completely moved on in life before you can truly heal and move on yourself. Dreaming About Your Ex-Boyfriend and You Getting Back Together As you may have guessed, this dream generally shows that you still have feelings for your ex-boyfriend.

It may represent a desire to be with him again or just a wish that things could have worked out differently.

This type of dream generally represents the fact that you may miss his family or that you miss being such an important part of someone’s life. Dreaming About Your Ex-Boyfriend Having a Baby A baby represents new life, hope and family.

A dream with an ex-boyfriend dying means something far different than a dream that your ex-boyfriend is having sex with you.

While it can mean that you still have feelings about your ex-boyfriend, this is not necessarily the case.

It could mean that you have unresolved feelings about the ex or that you need closure.

It is quite normal to dream about your ex-boyfriend.

Even if you have not dated for years, you still have memories of being together.

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