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For instance, here are married people who like prostitutes: Charming. Perhaps more sinisterly, here are Chinese people who like the banned Falun Gong sect: And, if you’re wondering who to invite down the pub on a Friday night, here are single women who are interested in men, and even more interested in getting drunk: What a time saver Facebook Graph Search can be! These are just some of the examples shown on the Actual Facebook Graph Searches blog, but no doubt you can dream up your own.In fairness, Facebook does remind users of the importance of using its privacy settings, and explains how to configure them.

You can find your friends' email addresses by pairing your Facebook account with a Yahoo email address, logging into Yahoo email and choosing to import contacts from your Facebook account.Graph Search let users search in plain language (i.e.sentences written the way people talk, not just keywords), but more importantly, it also let them filter search results by very specific criteria.It’s the responsibility of each Facebook user to be mindful of what information they share on the social network – and realise that they can’t shirk off the part they played in publishing the information in the first place.This information was always there on Facebook, it’s just that Graph Search makes it easier to extract and join the dots than ever before.

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