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It interacts naturally via talking or typing and provide relevant recommendations, quick access to information, better searches and important reminders.

That means, it’s possible to get a pre-release or beta version of Windows 10 that’s free forever! That was the statement from Jerry Nixon, Microsoft’s developer evangelist, speaking at Microsoft’s Ignite conference. There won’t be a Windows 11 just after a year to cost you bucks, but your same Windows 10 will get incremental updates adding features and improving stability and performance of the same for next several years.Continuum is a feature designed for 2-in-1 aka hybrid devices, like Microsoft Surface, that allows a convenient shift between desktop and tablet mode.Windows 10 will move easily between keyboard/mouse and touch/tablet as it detects the transition and switches to the new mode.Windows 10 offers a revamped version of the Action Center that’s more like the notification bar of mobile operating systems.It’s part of the Microsoft’s dream of “Windows everywhere” – it’s a unified notifications area that will show notifications from apps as well as system across multiple devices.

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