Finding common interests dating

Once, I dragged him to a reading given by the writer Jane Smiley, who ended up talking about a Star Wars novel, It quickly became clear that Chris—who would never have been there of his own accord—was the only person in the audience to have read the book.

Both of us like Mexican food, the more inauthentic the better.But he did not turn out to be interested in any of the things that I care about; he plays video games while I read, he designs webpages while I write. You could say his waffle iron is half-empty, while mine is half-full. If you ever want to make a dinner table go quiet, say that you and your spouse don’t have anything in common.People will expect a divorce announcement to follow.When we say we have a lot in common with someone we usually mean we like doing the same things, enjoy the same food or have the same social habits.While these things can make a relationship run smoothly because you are more likely to want to do the same things – on their own shared interests are not usually enough to ensure a lasting relationship.

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