Firefox failed update disable resume updating

This is the active session file that Firefox loads when you start the browser.

Firefox stores recovery files in the sessionstore-backups folder of the profile folder: May still be useful for old versions of Firefox, and Firefox-based browsers such as Pale Moon.

Closing Words Recovering the session with help of the backup session file should work if the main file has been corrupted.

It may not help you directly if a Firefox setting prevents the browser's Session Restore feature from working correctly.

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Restoring the Firefox session Once you have backed up both session files, you can start to investigate the issue and try to restore the previous session.First thing you may want to do is compare the size of the and file.If either file has a size of 0, it is empty and not usable anymore.So what is different in comparison to the old session restore?First of all, you may notice that additional files are saved by the browser which increases the chance that one of the session restore files is not corrupt and working.

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