Foreign affair dating service

Ivanova says girls often call her after a date to share their impressions and claim the men are not cultured or well-educated and sometimes stingy -- under the impression that all the girl wants is money. "Russian girls want real love and romantic commitment," she says.

"But between cultures there is often a very different mentality and the girls sometimes have to explain the concept of love to foreign men." Ivanova says the men are also afraid that the girl will use them as an exit visa, while the girls are often equally suspicious of men looking for a partner 25 years their junior.

"The roles in the West are so muddled, but in Russia men and women's roles are much more clearly defined; you don't have to worry about offending a woman if you open a door for her," he says.

I was surprised to learn that foreigners even plan when to have children!

"I like Russian women more than American women," he says.

"It seems as if Russian ladies are more involved with the relationship; you are not just a money tag and they are willing to put themselves out for their man." American television series such as "Ally Mc Beal" and "Sex and the City" might imply that there are thousands of desperate single women looking for husbands in the United States, but Adams says this is not the case.

He says she is independent and earns her own money and so believes that when she makes a decision about marriage it will be for love.

While money is seen as an attractive feature in the men, looks are all-important for the women.

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