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As I have noted previously, it’s a wonderful time to be a young-earth creationist.

Notice that the presentation numbers go from “4” to “6,” skipping “5,” which was the presentation on carbon-14 in dinosaur bones.

The most recent set of studies was presented at the joint meeting of the Asia Oceanic Geosciences Society and the American Geophysical Union (AOGS–AGU) that was held on August 13-17, 2012 in Singapore.

The 15-minute presentation, which you can watch here, was given by Dr. In it, he reports on the carbon dating of dinosaur bones, other megafauna (such as mammoths), and plants.

First, all the standard treatment used to make a fossil ready for carbon dating was done, which is supposed to get rid of contamination.

Second, in some cases, they were examining actual proteins, such as collagen.

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