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Movies, such as , which address male survivor issues, are starting to be made and distributed in theaters and video stores.

Major sports figures, like star hockey player Sheldon Kennedy and Olympic gold-medalist diver Greg Louganis are speaking out about having been sexually abused, and baseball superstar Mark Mc Gwire donated three million dollars to the fight against child abuse (Lew, 1999).

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It seems the legal system is beginning to take a stand against female sexual offenders, but the punishments given have been criticized as lenient compared with male sexual offenders (Hope & Ong, 2005).

The media has played a major role in letting the public know about notorious “affairs” in recent years between older women and boys.

Nevertheless, some “positive” changes have occurred, which are worth mentioning.

As Lew (2004a) points out, these days “One would have to have been living in a cave to be unaware of the reality of sexual child abuse and even of the sexual victimization of boys” (p. There have been widely reported scandals about sexual victimization of boys by pop star Michael Jackson, and by men in church, scouting, sports venues, child care, and through the internet (Gartner, 1999).

After each presentation, I had several therapists come up to me to discuss their own experience with clients who had been sexually abused by their mothers.I ended up writing my thesis as an advocacy paper seeking to explore this denial and to heighten awareness of Mother-Son Incest among sexuality educators and the helping professions.My thesis discussed and challenged the following five misconceptions which help sustain society’s denial of Mother-Son Incest: (1) “mother-son incest meansintercourse,” (2) “boys cannot be victims of sexual abuse,” (3) “what harm can be done without a penis?” (4) “motherly love cannot be sexual,” and (5) “one of them must be crazy.” Unfortunately, more than 10 years later, society’s denial about Mother-Son Incest is as strong as ever.We still face significant obstacles to preventing child sexual abuse, and we still have ways to go in meeting the recovery needs of survivors, especially boys and men.

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