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Live chat is one of the quickest methods of customer service, but it used to be horrible. Live chat is one of the best tools that many B2B companies are utilizing on their websites. Thankfully, live chat can fix that, even when you personally aren’t there to respond. What if I told you that most companies don’t respond fast enough to capture the number of potential leads that are out there?You’d sit there waiting for someone to connect for ten minutes only to get a message that said: And then you sit there wondering why on Earth live chat even existed if they simply directed you to another medium. Or that responding faster meant huge increases in leads? Well, the data doesn’t lie, and statistics tell the story here. Because in today’s fast-paced world, people just don’t want to wait for a response.The You Tube playlist includes 12 talks about NLP research, development and applications, with keynotes by Sebastian Ruder (Deep Mind) and Yoav Goldberg (Allen AI).Prodigy is an annotation tool so efficient that data scientists can do the annotation themselves, enabling a new level of rapid iteration.We like to think of spa Cy as the Ruby on Rails of Natural Language Processing.Get startedspa Cy excels at large-scale information extraction tasks.

Go to Trevor Lifeline "Trevor provides valuable resources to young people nationwide who may not have anywhere else to turn to for help.That's why their work is so incredible—thanks to Trevor's programs, LGBTQ youth are not alone." Marisol Cy is designed to help you do real work — to build real products, or gather real insights.Whether you're working on entity recognition, intent detection or image classification, Prodigy can help you train and evaluate your models faster.Stream in your own examples or real-world data from live APIs, update your model in real-time and chain models together to build more complex systems.

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