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It offers fast, easy chatting with random strangers anywhere.

You chat in an anonymous environment, and you can do it at complete random or you can enter a few interests and you can select them by shaking your handset, so it will try to match you up with someone with the same interests.

In this article we share our thoughts on talking to strangers in general and on Wakie app. So please find ways to talk to strangers safely and be happy!

Read more In this doc we say what we are for and what we are against.

Of course, they can also lead to some singularly strange discussions, but that’s probably a risk you’re willing to take if your looking for anonymity.

Anonymous messengers are ideal for those moving to new places, or who don’t live near friends.

If you’re bored of your Facebook friends or fed up with being corralled into circles of people in social media apps, the raft of random chat apps will definitely appeal.

Designed to offer anonymous chat with strangers, these apps widen your reach massively and can result in some truly fascinating chats with people you would never normally come across.

It’s an instant messenger that offers traditional social media-based chat with people you know, but also anonymous chat with people you don’t.Books, news, cooking, parenting, business, love, and any other life issue you can think of — on Wakie, you can find someone to talk about it within seconds. Pour your heart out and don't be afraid to express your true emotions.Wakie is a pseudonymous community and no one will judge you like on most other social media services.If it goes well, then you can shift to a private channel if you want to continue chatting.You can also join other discussions and do the same. Users are varied, too, which makes for some very interesting, meme-worthy conversations!

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