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Dialogue is presented without flaw from a natural front-center home.

Fifty Shades Freed, rarity here, contains all of the supplements from the Blu-ray on the UHD disc.

Not only are textures a bit more refined, the sense of brilliant clarity over the Blu-ray is really quite remarkable.

The image is crystal-clear; it's very obviously digital, lacking that desirable film texture, but image flatness is never an issue, even if it is somewhat glossy (and beautifully so) in places. The film's sun-drenched exteriors offer remarkable depth and dazzle, with particular praise for the opening honeymoon stretch that is of reference quality for the format.

Perhaps the novels are richer in texture and flavor -- this reviewer has not read them -- but the films have largely been dramatic black holes and exercises in shoddy acting and scriptwriting, favoring disrobed leads and disengaged narratives rather than sturdy storytelling with salacious sex thrown in for good measure.

Fifty Shades Freed, the final installment in the trilogy, sees the power couple take a couple of big steps in their relationship, though not without taking a few back and taking everything off on several occasions. After years of rough sex and struggle, the two marry in a beautiful ceremony, Anastasia wearing a flowing white gown, Christian a traditional tuxedo, followed by a romantic, and sexy, Parisian honeymoon.

Meanwhile, back in the States, so much for Grey Enterprises security.

A man, Anastasia's former employer, Jack (Eric Johnson), enters the building with a bag containing a disguise and an explosive device.

Most of the narrative is merely a propellant for sex -- honeymoon sex, make-up sex, just-because sex -- and beyond finding new ways to be kinky, like the couple having ice cream sex, it's nothing that the other films's haven't already explored, and in some intimate detail to be sure.

Whatever the case may be, nearly everything in the movie is a flimsy excuse to forward what little plot it builds and offer ample opportunity for sexual encounters between, now, husband and wife.

As it was in the previous films, acting is stiff and stilted, but so too is the script, so there's ample opportunity to play the blame game along both ends of the spectrum.

Grey, putting female charmers in their place and asserting her desires as a wife.

But with Jack lurking and a new wrinkle in the relationship threatening to pull them apart, it will take all the love, and maybe a few pairs of handcuffs, to keep Ana and Christian together in wedded bliss.

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