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We've made it simple, to set up a business account for your company visit us at ,and click on "Sign Up Now".

Once you complete the setup form, you'll have access to features designed exclusively for Edible® For Business account holders.

Same day delivery is not available for orders shipped by UPS. First, if you place your order online, you will see a confirmation page after you process your order.

We recommend that you print this confirmation page and keep it for your records.

This means if you purchase an item in one of 1,200 Edible Arrangements locations, this purchase will not show up in your order history online.

Due to the high volume of orders we receive, particularly around busy holidays, you may not receive your email confirmation immediately after placing your order.From the homepage, locate the 'Download Contact Form'.Add your contacts’ information to this spreadsheet and save it to your computer.Upload your complete file to the Edible® Corporate Gifts Portal by clicking the “Upload” button.You’ll be able to browse your computer for the file, then click “Okay” to submit.

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