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While the Sudan-born Abdel-Magied retracted the post after she was accused of disrespecting the diggers’ memory, she later shared a similar sentiment on Remembrance Day.“Was that just attention-seeking?

” Gleeson asked of the Remembrance Day post.“You know, I missed all the death threats …

At last year’s General Conference, delegates voted to affirm the long-standing positions in the Book of Discipline: homosexual acts are “incompatible with Christian teaching”; “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” cannot serve as ministers; and marriage is “the union of one man and one woman,” so clergy are barred from marrying gay couples.

It’ll be a slap on the hand.’ Even my bishop and my district superintendent were saying that.”But ecclesiastical trials like Schaefer’s and the one awaiting Ogletree in March reveal less about the politics of the Methodist Church than about the nature of its polity.

Most Protestant churches have quasi-democratic models of governance.

You look like a tourist,” was Gleeson’s risky reply.

Gleeson continued to pepper Abdel-Magied, who is of Msulim faith, with intentionally ignorant questions like: “Do you ever feel bad about wearing a hat indoors? But perhaps his edgiest query was one involving disgraced Australian entertainer Rolf Harris, a convicted sex offender.“When you’re in London, do you ever hang out with Rolf Harris so you’re not the most-hated Australian in the room? Abdel-Magied was seemingly unbothered about being aligned with Harris, bursting into laughter and joking: “Rolf and I go to the pub quite regularly together … Gleeson’s line of questioning also included whether Abdel-Magied planned on releasing a second memoir (“,” she suggested) and why she kept coming back to the country that had criticised her so heavily.“What are you doing here?

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