Geek to geek dating Free porn chat sites

So find someone who loves sports, if you do, or any other interest that you have.

It would become extremely easy for you to communicate then. Lay Foundation Even if you are going to be dating a geek, it is crucial to lay the basic foundation of a relationship when you meet.

Talk with the guy or girl you are meeting, about any random things you can think of.

If you don't have a Ph D in Astrophysics then don't say you do. If you live in your mom's basement, you might want to let the rest of the world know it, even if you aren't proud of it, it's who you are and an online profile won't change that.

Besides, would you really want someone else to lie to you about who they were? Get out there and make yourself available and known – You are only going to increase your chances of finding the perfect person by putting your profile online and being as descriptive as possible.

You have no right to complain about how hard it is to find someone if you don't even try.

Let people tell you about themselves at their own pace, and do the same when talking about yourself.

And by all means, give them a chance to speak too, don’t monopolize the conversation.

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