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So now there are 3 ways to sleep over without sex: by getting Ariane drunk, by having Rebecca along and Ariane too tired to kick both of you out, and by having Ariane turn you down at the last minute after you take her into the bedroom so that Ariane asks you to sleep on the couch.I don’t yet have a set of reproducible steps to get Ariane to ask you to sleep on the couch, but this is an interesting new possible ending that makes the game more complicated and less predictable.

This is the only way you can actually sleep over without the sex, or without Rebecca, but that walkthrough is coming later. -Is that what you're going to do once you get out of here? -If we get bored enough, we could have a chair fight at the cafe. ¤ A easy way to rise your number is by answering correctly to the characters(Heart bubble appears). Event like going swimming, going for a ride on the roller coaster and character specific event make the number raise too.

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