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Atom returned to an open war on the streets of Ivy Town.While outmaneuvering the serial killer Dwarfstar, Choi negotiated a truce between both sides, sparing Ivy Town’s destruction.M’Nagalah’s emissaries and the legions of the Waiting began their war on the streets of Ivy Town.Choi, learning from the Waiting’s Praetor that the White House was under threat, thwarted the Waiting’s plan to take control of the president.The series lasted for 25 issues, though not without creative changes: Keith Champagne would take over for Gail Simone as writer with issue #19, and Byrne would leave the series after issue #3.In issue #21, a new creative team was introduced: writer Rick Remender, penciller Pat Olliffe, and inker John Stanisci.After the preview in Brave New World, and a cameo in Infinite Crisis #7, Choi would fulfill the Atom’s shoes permanently in the pages of The All-New Atom, which debuted in September of 2006.

In addition, many of the people of the town have been affected; believing themselves to be in other time periods or speaking in tongues.

Gail Simone fleshed out Morrison’s proposal, which in turn became an ongoing series.

The new design of Choi was sketched out by Morrison, but fleshed out by longtime DC penciller John Byrne and inker Trevor Scott.

Called the Waiting, this alien race immediately set itself after Choi.

While fleeing from the Waiting, Choi encountered the amorphous M’Nagalah, the self-styled “Cancer God.” M’Nagalah told Atom that a war was coming, one between Order and Chaos and between Faith and Reason, and that the Atom should side with M’Nagalah. As Choi continued to be the protector of Ivy Town, he learned that Ivy Town had more than one dark secret.

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