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Allow the Holy Spirit to mold both of your personalities together as you pray and study His Word as a couple. If you believe that your marriage was made in heaven, consult heaven about the upkeep. Most couples never work on the spiritual aspect of their marriage, and it becomes weak due to a lack of spiritual vitamins. Lock into this passage as two hearts beating as one. Keep it in context: what concepts are before and after this passage? Determine together how you can apply it to your marital situation/circumstances. Never belittle your spouse’s level of comprehension. ” Remember, there are various types of marital abuse: physical abuse, emotional abuse and spiritual abuse.

Don’t point your finger at your mate in accusation; take the other person’s hand and read God’s Word together. A good Bible dictionary/encyclopedia may also be helpful. Get a good Bible Handbook, such as Ungers or Halley’s. Watch the facial expressions and body language of your sweetheart. Speak the name of your spouse during your study, including personal, sweet love names. Provide a secure environment in which God’s Word can be shared. Promote and propagate learning and listening skills during this time. Create an atmosphere of openness; give your spouse space. You have led her to the marriage altar—now lead her every day to the altar of God’s Word.

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