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If you’re trying to meet a man or a woman of substance, you’re going to need to at least act like an adult out of the gate. Is it so important that you need to spend hours and hours trying to come up with the perfect one? The only things that are super important are that you don’t break some of the cardinal rules we came up with above.

We could make the recommendation that you need to make some life changes in general, but we’re going to take things one step at a time. Don’t have something perverted, that compromises your security, or gives off the wrong image about you. Even if you think your screen name is boring, that’s ok.

It’s the first thing that someone is going to see plastered right next to your profile picture.

Sigh…we’re a little saddened that we need to go over this, but after spending about five minutes online, you’ll see why we are. Whether you are 18 or 45, you are officially an adult. Are you interested in attracting another adult to go out with?

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We’re looking at you Fartboy11, Bouncy_Jugs85, and Crap Sandwich1.

What they forget is that you can include words that showcase your interests and talents to potential suitors.

If you’re really hilarious, do you need to tell someone that or aren’t they going to figure that out from your profile or from talking to you?

There could not possibly have been any other girls named Hillary that has joined this dating site who think they are as funny as you are. Find out what you are allowed to use on the site and try out a few different combinations.

Try placing these special characters in the middle of your screen name idea or at the end.

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