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You can then use the PC codes listed previously to add codes to San Andreas on mobile.GTA San Andreas presents its players with a huge open world sandbox to play around in.If it’s the latest GTA title you’re wanting cheats for, you can head over to our GTA 5 Cheats Guide.It’s got every Cheat Code available in the game, like unlimited money, reduce wanted level and can spawn it because thats the only way i know how.Now back to the tips, If she says CJ your driving too fast!!!

We've listed all of the GTA San Andreas Cars Cheats below: Xbox One There you have it, all of the Cheat codes you can use in GTA San Andreas.Following the release of the "Hot Coffee" mod, the backlash resulted in a class action lawsuit, and the Electronic Software Ratings Board (ESRB) replaced the game's original rating of "M" with the more restrictive "AO" (Adults-Only) rating.Rockstar Games re-released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in August 2005 with the "Hot Coffee" content removed, and the "M" ESRB rating was restored.OK I decided to write my own review on how your girlfriend will ask you to come into her house for "coffee" if you catch my drift. If she like the date just take her there every time shes hungry. FUN (not the kind your thinking about}: If your girl wants to go driving, you might say AWW DAMN!!!! All you have to do is take baby steps when driving(hitting X every 3/4s a second), the best car I suggest with alot of sex appeal is the CADDY!!!! HUNGRY: If the girl wants to go get something to eat, just take her a fast food or a fancy place to eat.

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