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What follows are the instructions for some vigorous games you can play with your feathered buddy to help burn up some excess calories.All games include a verbal command to say at the start of the game, which lets your bird know it’s game time.The favorite person calls the bird’s name or says “Climb down the stairs!” The bird will normally climb down the stairs, using its feet and flapping its wings, getting lots of exercise. ” The favorite person then puts the parrot down, quickly walks up the stairs and calls the parrot.When your bird finally does, say, “Great job” in a happy, excited tone of voice, and scratch it on the head.

To play, gently toss a small Koosh ball, bauble or a soft, lightweight toy in the direction of your parrot, and say, “Catch it!” If you’re lucky, your bird will run after the object and pick it up with its beak. .” Teach your bird to bring the object back to you.Keep throwing the ball toward your bird until it gets the idea that it is supposed to bring the ball back to you.Your bird will get lots of exercise running back and forth and so will you!Take the bird to an unfamiliar part of your house, such as the basement or a bedroom it has never been in.

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