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Arabian Cambodian Chinese English Farsi Hmong Japanese Korean Laotian Russian Spanish Tagalog Vietnamese From "Disaster Supplies Kit." developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross.

op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=3214 Rita/story? id=1155991&page=2 Tuesday, September 27, 2005 AMSubject: Massive Volcanic Activity Detected In Pacific Coast and New Madrid Fault Zone Regions Interesting.... While everyone is looking to the South and East Coastline a bigger happening may come from the West and North.

One of the greatest concerns voiced by Russian Scientists is over the Australian Continent earthquakes of this past week and whose antipodal counterpart is the southern edge of the North American Plate where it meets the Caribbean Plate, and has in turn begun the movement of lava in both the New Madrid and Northwestern Regions of North America.

In the New Madrid Region this is evidenced by the seismograph readings of this area showing an increasing number of what are called Long Period Events, and are described by the American Government Scientist, Dr.

September 15, 2005 States Orders Military Redeployments Within Their Borders as Massive Volcanic Activity Detected In Their Pacific Coast and New Madrid Fault Zone Regions By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the Military Leaders of the United States have ordered their Internal Military Forces to redeploy to ‘Ready Position Ophelia’ in anticipation of what Russian Scientists are reporting as an impending cataclysmic event that could potentially devastate the entire United States.

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*Include a selection of the following foods in your Disaster Supplies Kit: Ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, and vegetables Canned juices Staples (salt, sugar, pepper, spices, etc.)High energy foods Vitamins Food for infants Comfort/stress foods First Aid Kit Assemble a first aid kit for your home and one for each car.A first aid kit* should include:· Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes· Assorted sizes of safety pins· Cleansing agent/soap· Latex gloves (2 pairs)· Sunscreen· 2-inch sterile gauze pads (4-6)· 4-inch sterile gauze pads (4-6)· Triangular bandages (3)· Non-prescription drugs· 2-inch sterile roller bandages (3 rolls)· 3-inch sterile roller bandages (3 rolls)· Scissors· Tweezers· Needle· Moistened towelettes· Antiseptic· Thermometer· Tongue blades (2)· Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant Non-Prescription Drugs Aspirin or nonaspirin pain reliever Anti-diarrhea medication Antacid (for stomach upset)Syrup of Ipecac (use to induce vomiting if advised by the Poison Control Center)Laxative Activated charcoal (use if advised by the Poison Control Center)Tools and Supplies· Mess kits, or paper cups, plates, and plastic utensils*· Emergency preparedness manual*· Battery-operated radio and extra batteries*· Flashlight and extra batteries*· Cash or traveler's checks, change*· Non-electric can opener, utility knife*· Fire extinguisher: small canister ABC type· Tube tent· Pliers· Tape· Compass· Matches in a waterproof container· Aluminum foil· Plastic storage containers· Signal flare· Paper, pencil· Needles, thread· Medicine dropper· Shut-off wrench, to turn off household gas and water· Whistle· Plastic sheeting· Map of the area (for locating shelters)Sanitation· Toilet paper, towelettes*· Soap, liquid detergent*· Feminine supplies*· Personal hygiene items*· Plastic garbage bags, ties (for personal sanitation uses)· Plastic bucket with tight lid· Disinfectant· Household chlorine bleach Clothing and Bedding· *Include at least one complete change of clothing and footwear per person.· Sturdy shoes or work boots*· Rain gear*· Blankets or sleeping bags*· Hat and gloves· Thermal underwear· Sunglasses Special Items Remember family members with special requirements, such as infants and elderly or disabled persons For Baby*· Formula· Diapers· Bottles· Powdered milk· Medications For Adults*· Heart and high blood pressure medication· Insulin· Prescription drugs· Denture needs· Contact lenses and supplies· Extra eye glasses Entertainment Games and books Important Family Documents Keep these records in a waterproof, portable container:· Will, insurance policies, contracts deeds, stocks and bonds· Passports, social security cards, immunization records· Bank account numbers· Credit card account numbers and companies Inventory of valuable household goods, important telephone numbers Family records (birth, marriage, death certificates)Store your kit in a convenient place known to all family members.Keep a smaller version of the Disaster Supplies Kit in the trunk of your car. Change your stored water supply every six months so it stays fresh. Re-think your kit and family needs at least once a year. Ask your physician or pharmacist about storing prescription medications.Not to mention the Avian Flu fear campaign and hints of a dirt bomb in major city before 12-12-05. Dont buy into the fear and become the master of your destiny. If you are soul aware and in Remembrance of God you will be protected.My advice is have plan B ready and talk with your family to create a family plan.

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