Homebody dating when did nick lachey start dating vanessa

We keep on casting out again and again, convinced there's still the pinnacle partner swimming around somewhere out there.

Wouldn't it be nice to somehow shrink that fishing hole?

(Which your bae probably isn't gonna hit anyway, because hello?

Not many people start as a homebody, just as no one starts as an expert on anything.It's a skill and lifestyle that requires some finesse.It demands practice and an increasing disenchantment with the outside world—a place that's bursting with unsettling experiences like "talking to people you'd prefer not to," "crowds," "sitting on things that are not my couch," and "pants." Although it's unfortunately healthy to leave your home every so often, staying put is the best—a thing you'll definitely learn in due time if you have not already.Get to know each other better over a latte, a game of bowling or even a video game battle.Ask your parents to let you have a small party at your house, and invite a few kids from your school.

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