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Sakurai Sho reported to be dating with a news announcer, Ogawa Ayaka, who is 3 years younger than him.

They both have a great background, so I think they perfect for each other.

Looking over them from a distant was Kenichi-san, it's like he was their guardian."Got hold of new images!

The guy below is allegedly Sho and the weird thing is, the girl's supposedly Watanabe Mayu. Seriously, the captions only had their names and this is the first time I read about it.

Sho dressed like a smart boy and was too shy to get intimate with girls. made fun of his virginity apparently, this all changed when he started dating a johnnys jr.'s older sister, who was infamous for sleeping with a lot of juniors.as noisy as Jun's or Ohno's, nor as often, and instead had his share of tabloids through him being a chain smoker and allegedly bitchy attitude to fans (the events of which are all the fangirls' fault )."It starts out with how the magazine found out the sho booked a popular club on Feb 17, 2008 for a wedding reception.Did you also remember when Sho mentioned in Music Station that he start to learning piano again because his friend wants him to playing piano at his wedding.About the same time, Ogawa also mentioned at his blog that one of her friend is started to learn piano again.

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