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This shows the frontal camera being used in what appears to be the Camera App showing the interface that has been leaked out by developers who found it in the new i Phone OS 3.0.

This shows a somewhat blurry picture of the new i Phone in a video call, it looks similar to video calling on other devices with a small image of you in the corner and them in the main screen similar to i Chat.

Best of all all the rooms are free, so get started now.

For years OMG Chat was the #1 destination for free webcam chat room and we seemed to suddenly disappear.

and since him and i own a small web-design company its nice to conference with as well. i haven't yet tried the ichat av, still in beta but the beta works!

– by cvtechyou don't have to use aol to use aim, and while many people use msn and yahoo messengers and icq and irc, my experience is that most people use aim. i don't like the way i have to include people in my address book to ad them to my buddy list, but that is why i use fire (a multi-client chat program) on my macs, and trillian on my pcs.

the new release of ichat av costs us.95 for jaguar users, but is included with panther.

ichat av users will also need a 600mhz g3 processor or better to run the software.whether you like the idea or not depending on how blinkered you are this is a top programme/hardware development. the approach that apple has taken is to help bring many things together and remove the users confusion.

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