Ics email widget not updating

In contrast to Open VPN for Android it requires root and does not use the VPNService API.

It does not depend on Android 4.0 Official HTC images are known to have a strange routing problem causing traffic not to flow through the tunnel (See also Issue 18 in the bug tracker.)Older official SONY images from Xperia Arc S and Xperia Ray have been reported to be missing the VPNService completely from the image.

(See also Issue 29 in the bug tracker.)On custom build images the tun module might be missing or the rights of /dev/tun might be wrong.

Some CM9 images need the "Fix ownership" option under "Device specific hacks" enabled.

Open VPN Connect is non open source client that is developed by Open VPN Technologies, Inc.

The client is indented to be general use client and more targeted at the average user and allows the import of Open VPN profiles.

If you are using an old easy-rsa version, update to the latest version) or change md5 to sha256 and regenerate your certificates.

Most importantly: If your device has a broken Android image, report it to your vendor.

The more people who report an issue to the vendor, the more likely they are to fix it.

Get a working config (tested on your computer or download from your provider/organisation)If it is a single file with no extra pem/pkcs12 files you can email the file yourself and open the attachment.

If you have multiple files put them on your sd card.

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