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គ្រូសាន់នៅតែកាច| អេលីត សាន់ vs ម៉ាំងកនយុគ(ថៃ) | CNC 01/10/2022


គ្រូសាន់នៅតែកាច| អេលីត សាន់ vs ម៉ាំងកនយុគ(ថៃ) | CNC 01/10/2022

Local TEXAS CNC Machine Shop Solves Huge Problems | Shop Tour


Titan takes us along for a local TEXAS CNC machine shop tour. New machines, solving industry problems, and all around a BTS look at how manufacturing is done at TDH Manufacturing. Help us fund FREE Education by purchasing tools seen in our videos here: 🤍 FREE CNC Machining Academy: 🤍 FREE Aerospace Academy: 🤍 FREE Grinding Academy: 🤍 Subscribe for daily content and expert knowledge: 🤍 _ _ FREE CNC Machining Academy. Join the Revolution: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Join the conversation on our Facebook Group: 🤍 Connect with us on LinkedIn: 🤍 _ _ THANK YOU to our Partners who make this content possible: Kennametal - 🤍 DN Solutions - 🤍 United Grinding - 🤍 Mastercam - 🤍 Blaser Swisslube - 🤍 Solidworks - 🤍 Trumpf - 🤍 Trumpf TruMark - 🤍 Trumpf TruPrint - 🤍 Markforged - 🤍 Markforged Metal X - 🤍 Markforged X7 - 🤍 Markforged Mark Two - 🤍 Tyrolit - 🤍 Mitutoyo - 🤍 Haimer - 🤍 Schunk - 🤍 ONA - 🤍 #CNC #Machining #Machinist

Incredible Fast & Precision CNC Machines Working, Amazing Automatic CNC Cutting Metal Machine


Incredible Fast & Precision CNC Machines Working, Amazing Automatic CNC Cutting Metal Machine. 🔥🔥 Subscribe StarTech TV: 🤍 Music: Funky Chunk by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Sunshine (version 2) by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Fretless by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Mafia by Sascha Ende Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Acid Trumpet by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍

Most Innovative Products for CNC Machine Shops | HAIMER IMTS TOUR


Titan visits the Haimer booth at IMTS 2022 to get a first-hand look at how Haimer is helping machinists improve productivity with their CNC machines working in small CNC job shops all the way up to big companies like Boeing. Do you want to help fund FREE education? 🤍 Like and Subscribe and join our online community! INSTAGRAM –🤍 FACEBOOK – 🤍 LINKEDIN – 🤍 FREE AEROSPACE ACADEMY – 🤍 FREE CNC MACHINE ACADEMY – 🤍 FREE GRINDING ACADEMY – 🤍 #cncmachine #machinist #machining

99% People Satisfying When See This CNC Working Process. Perfect Machines Technology


99% People Satisfying When See This CNC Working Process. Perfect Machines Technology. 🔥🔥 Subscribe StarTech TV: 🤍 Music: Fretless by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 In this video: 1. Hermle Berthold AG Link: 🤍 2. Tool1717 Link: 🤍 3. Creative Technology Corp Link: 🤍 4. MAPCO Manufacturing Link: 🤍 5. OneCNC CAD/CAM Link: 🤍 6. Seco Tools Link: 🤍 7. CAM by OPEN MIND Link: 🤍

How My Desktop CNC Made Over $500,000 in 2 Years


My Desktop CNC made over $500,000 in 2 years while I was in college. Ryan goes over what product he made and sold on the CNC router that made him so much money as a CNC beginner. He goes over what strategies and questions he asked to figure out what product he should sell to help pay his way through college. My Favorite CNC Router Bit - 🤍 1/4'' Upcut Endmill - Amazon US: 🤍 1/8'' Downcut Endmill - Amazon US: 🤍 V-Bit / Engraving Bit - Amazon US: 🤍 1/4'' Ballnose - Amazon US: 🤍 Flycut / Surfacing Bit - Amazon US: 🤍 My Favorite Wood Filler / Crack Repair - 🤍 About Cuttin It Close: Founded in 2020 Cuttin It Close is the educational platform of Drapela Works we look to provide value and insight on various wood-related projects and techniques. Through training videos, CNC router techniques, unique projects, and practical applications, we hope to share our knowledge in the woodworking field and CNC routering. Follow Cuttin It Close/Drapela Works on Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

CNC Basics - What You Need To Get Started


Watch Next - 3D Printer Basics: 🤍 CNC Routers for Hobbyists can be intimidating! In this video, I'll cover all the CNC basics that you must know before being able to run the machine. This includes CAD, CAM, Feeds and Speeds, Toolpaths, G-code, and setting up the machine. My Hobby CNC: 🤍 MY FAVORITE BITS AND ACCESSORIES Surfacing Bit - 🤍 Starter Set (8 Piece) - 🤍 1/4" End Mill (most common) - 🤍 Double-Sided CNC Tape - 🤍 48" T-track - 🤍 T-track Clamps - 🤍 DeWalt 611 Router - 🤍 TIMESTAMPS 0:00 - CNC basics overview 0:39 - 3 common steps 1:13 - What is CAD? 2:00 - 3 different cutting strategies 3:05 - What is CAM? 4:11 - Speed and Feed explained 5:04 - What is a toolpath? 6:20 - What is G-Code? 7:24 - Getting the g-code to the machine 7:55 - Setting up the machine TOP FUSION 360 PLAYLISTS 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 DISCLAIMER This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps you support the channel at no extra cost to you and allows me to continue to make videos like this. — #CNC #woodworking #Fusion360 #ProductDesignOnline

CNC Shop Tour | My CNC Business


Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to 🤍 to learn more and get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment. Big thank you to ShopSabre for sponsoring this video! Find out more about their amazing CNC machines here: 🤍 Big thank you to Opt Lasers for sponsoring this video! Find out more about their high performance laser engraving equipment here: 🤍 Find all of the templates that we offer here: 🤍 For CNC work, please contact us here: cncwoodshed🤍 Hill Country Wood Shed: 🤍 Watch more on the Wood Shed here: 🤍 Watch my first ever CNC project here: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 | Website: 🤍 Watch the newest videos: 🤍 Things I Used in This Project: ISOtunes Ear Protection: 🤍 🤍 (code APRIL for $10 off) Stealth Mask Respirator: 🤍 (use code APRIL for 10% off) ShopSabre: 🤍 Triton Router: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Watch more videos! Shop Projects: 🤍 Outdoor Projects: 🤍 Most Popular: 🤍 Want to support me? Support the Companies that support me: Triton Tools: 🤍 ISOtunes: 🤍 Armor Tool: 🤍 Welcome to the official April Wilkerson YouTube channel! I’m April and I’m the creator of Wilker Do’s. I am an obsessed DIYer and Woodworker. I'm not professional or have any training, so I just pick the project I want to tackle and figure it out step by step. On this channel you will find a variety of content like DIY home improvement, How-To’s, construction, design and more! #AprilWilkerson #cnc #shoptour

30 Easy CNC Woodworking Projects In 30 Days: 30!


Maketember Project Poll: 🤍 Complete Maketember File Pack: 🤍 - - - My Etsy: 🤍 - - - Maketember is here!! Using my Onefinity Journeyman X-50 hobby CNC router to make a kids Bow and Arrow! These are easy projects that you can do in one day. I’ll be uploading 30 projects over the next 30 days- follow along as we talk about CNC project pricing! - - - Toy Bow Vector Files: 🤍 Day 21-30 File Pack: 🤍 Complete Maketember File Pack: 🤍 - - - 🛠️Build Overview🛠️ ➡➡ Jenny .25” Compression Bit - .13” DOC, 120 IPM, 4.5 RPM on Makita Dial ➡➡.75" plywood ➡➡.25” Roundover Bit In Palm Router 🤍 (Amazon Affiliate Link) ➡➡Felt Balls: 🤍 (Amazon Affiliate Link) (different colors, mine sold out) ➡➡18" Long 1/4" Dowels: 🤍 (Amazon Affiliate Link) ➡➡Bungee Cord: 🤍 (Amazon Affiliate Link) ➡➡Double Sided Tape I Use: 🤍 (Amazon Affiliate Link) ➡➡Mineral Oil I use: 🤍 (Amazon Affiliate Link) - - - 🤝Maketember Supporters🤝 🔥Jenny Bits! ➡➡Use Code: MAKETEMBER for 10% off your entire order during September 2022!!! ➡➡Shop: 🤍 ➡➡Instagram: 🤍 🔥Huntington Builds! ➡➡Use Code: MAKETEMBER for 10% off your entire order during September 2022!!! ➡➡Etsy: 🤍 ➡➡Instagram: 🤍 ➡➡Youtube: 🤍 ➡➡LinkTree: 🔥Myers Woodshop! ➡➡Website: 🤍 ➡➡Etsy: 🤍 ➡➡Youtube: 🤍 🔥Rowdy Roman! ➡➡Use Code: MAKETEMBER for 10% off your entire order during September 2022!!! ➡➡Website: 🤍 ➡➡Etsy: 🤍 ➡➡HoseBoom: 🤍 ➡➡Spindle Light: 🤍 ➡➡Instagram: 🤍 ➡➡Facebook Page: 🤍 🔥Onefinity CNC! ➡➡Website: 🤍 ➡➡Forum: 🤍 ➡➡Youtube: 🤍 - - - 🔥Send Me Stickers🔥 Hamilton Dilbeck 525 Tribble Gap P.O. Box 3244 Cumming, GA 30028 - - - 🔥SHIRTS🔥 ➡➡Maketember: 🤍 (Amazon Affiliate Link) ➡➡I Don't Do Kitchen Cabinets: 🤍 (Amazon Affiliate Link) - - - 📷Instagram: 🤍 - - - I will be giving away over $2,500 worth of prizes on October 1st through a livestream giveaway. No purchases nessicary. You just have to be subscribed to my channel to enter the chat to win! More details will be given on the 30th. Follow along as I post daily CNC Woodworking Project Videos! Prizes include: (3) $100 Gift Cards (5) Custom Engraved Brass Z-Slider Plates (1) Onefinity X-35 Woodworker CNC Machine AND MORE! - - - I don’t have experience with the Shapeoko CNC Machine or the Xcarve CNC, but I do know that the Onefinity CNC machine is awesome! - - - Amazon Affiliate Links don’t cost you extra, but do give me a small amount of commission. Using the links is a great way to support me! - - - Thanks for watching! - - - 0:00 Make A List 0:59 Read Mean Comments 3:48 Make Arrows 5:26 What If The Livestream Fails? 6:12 Why My Files Are So Cheap 8:07 Where I Get Project Ideas 9:18 They’re Real? 11:46 Dunk On The Haters 12:48 Make Bow 21:18 Maketember Project Poll 22:17 Market Details 24:18 How To Win Something 28:53 Final Confetti Cannon

What is CNC Machining and How Does it Work?


Conversion: For all our non-U.S. friends, 1 Thou is equal to .0254 mm. TITANS of CNC: Academy: 🤍 Autodesk Free Trials: Inventor - 🤍 Fusion - 🤍 HSM - 🤍 If you've ever taken shop class in high-school or watched an episode of how it's made, you have probably have some idea how lathes and other metalworking machines function. As technology and computers have improved over the years, a new high-precision computer controlled manufacturing technique called CNC machining has spawned. CNC machines, or computer numerically controlled machines, are electro-mechanical devices that can manipulate tools around a varying number of axis, usually 3 or 5, with high-precision per instruction from a computer program. CNC machining is one of two ways that engineers, machinists, or makers can generate a physical part from a computer design file, with the other being 3D printing, known as additive manufacturing. All images and videos courtesy of the creative commons or used in accordance with fair use laws. Music: GI Snake by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍

Creating Plastic Injection Holders For Resin 3D Printed Molds | Homemade CNC Machine Job


Keep exploring at 🤍 Get started for free, and hurry—the first 200 people get 20% off an annual premium subscription. PCBWay - 🤍 - Our absolute favorite PCB provider, we get all our professional made CNC parts from them. Siraya Tech - Check out 🤍 for high quality 3D printer resins. We are still trying to perfect the art of plastic injection at home. In this video we focus on improving the results of injecting parts using 3D printed molds. Our focus was to eliminate the flexing in the plastic molds by using thick aluminum fixtures that we milled out on our DIY CNC machine. These pockets surround the plastic molds very tightly which in theory should eliminate any flexing. Our results were promising, and we will continue to investigate DIY solutions for this common issue. Hope you enjoy - Alan and Dave Ways To Support Our Channel 🙏 Become A Member and Enjoy Perks: 🤍 Buy A Funny Shirt: 🤍 Follow Us On Instagram: 🤍 Check out our other videos and subscribe to never miss our latest releases: We made building blocks (like LEGO) at home: 🤍 We built a Tiny Injection Molding Machine (INJEKTO 2.0) 🤍 We built a 3D Printer Scrap Recycling Machine (SHREDII 2.0/3.0) 🤍 🤍 We built a Wire EDM 🤍 We built a CNC Machine (DIY CNC) 🤍 We built a Plastic Injection Machine 🤍 We built a CNC Router 🤍 #engineering #diy #machineshop #homeshop #diyprojects #diyproject #mill #machine #machines #injectionmolding #plasticinjection #plasticinjectionmachine #molding #moldingmachine #injekto #science #3dprinting #3dprinter #3dprint #3dprinted #3dmolds #3dmodeling #3dmodel #lego #legos #moulding #resin #epoxy #homemade #smart #randomproject #fun #science #pressure #heat #aluminum

What Can a $500 CNC Do? Genmitsu 3020 Pro Max


The 3018 is one of the most popular desktop CNC mills. We check out its upgraded brother the Genmitsu 3020 Pro Max to see if it's worth the extra $$. Note: I keep calling it 3050 instead of 3020 in the review, sorry about that! We've got a new baby at home and I was sleep deprived ;) Genmitsu 3020 - 🤍 Genmitsu 3018 - 🤍 Inventables Easel - 🤍 TIMESTAMPS 00:00:00 - Intro 00:00:54 - Frame 00:01:28 - Motors and Movement 00:02:51 - Spindle 00:03:45 - Power 00:04:12 - Work Area 00:05:36 - Limit Switches 00:06:19 - Control Board 00:07:41 - Software 00:08:34 - Cutting Tests 00:11:18 - Worth the price? 👨‍💻LEARN 3D MODELING Take my free course: 🤍 Furniture Design in Fusion 360 (Save $20): 🤍 🖥Build plans and more: 🤍 💵Support the channel on Patreon: 🤍 🎙Listen to the podcast (Make or Break Show): 🤍 🌄Daily updates on Instagram: 🤍 🤖FAVORITE ROBOTS (affiliate) Favorite Laser Cutter - 🤍 Budget Diode Laser - 🤍 Budget CO2 Laser - 🤍 Engrave Metal - 🤍 X-Carve CNC - 🤍 Favorite 3D Printer - 🤍 Resin 3D Printer - 🤍 Vinyl Cutter - 🤍 🛠️TOOLS (affiliate) Table Saw - 🤍 Miter Saw - 🤍 Band Saw - 🤍 Impact Drive & Drill - 🤍 Drill Press - 🤍 Planer - 🤍 Orbital Sander - 🤍 6 in Jointer - 🤍 Welder - 🤍 Kreg Jig K4 - 🤍 Plunge Router - 🤍 Jack Handplane - 🤍 Combo Square - 🤍 Woodpeckers 6 in Square - 🤍 PFEIL Marking Knife - 🤍 Handsaw - 🤍 📹 CAMERA GEAR (affiliate) Main Camera - 🤍 All Around Lens - 🤍 On Camera Microphone - 🤍 Rode Wireless Kit - 🤍 Diety Lav Mic - 🤍 Tripod - 🤍 Video Switcher - 🤍 Key Light - 🤍 🎙PODCASTING GEAR (affiliate) Microphone - 🤍 Cheaper Microphone - 🤍 Boom Swivel Arm - Audio Interface/Recorder - 🤍 Cheaper Interface - 🤍

A CNC Mill For Less Than $200 - Is It Worth Buying? (CNC 3018 Pro)


G'day everyone, I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these cheap CNC kits for quite some time. It is more of a curiosity, rather than an investment. I want to know what can you get for $200. I have seen these CNC machines on ebay for a long time, but I recently saw a listing on sale for less than $200, so I took the gamble. This is a CNC 3018 Pro from Vevor. In this video I'll unbox it, assemble it, go through my first impressions and take a few test cuts in various materials. I hope you enjoy the video. Timestamps 0:00 - Intro 0:36 - Unboxing 1:21 - Going Through The Components In The Box 4:28 - Assembling The Mini Mill 6:13 - Overview And First Impressions 7:47 - Spindle, ER 11 Collet And Cutters 10:32 - Rigidity Concerns 11:41 - GRBL Computer Controller 13:00 -Test Engraving In Wood And Aluminium 15:34 - Making Toolpaths In Fusion 360 16:08 - Cutting Profiles In Wood And Acrylic 17:52 - Test Cuts in Aluminium 18:25 - Final Thoughts #CNC #CNC3018 #Machining CNC 3018 Pro

The Cheapest CNC Router on Amazon


This is the cheapest CNC router on Amazon. Is it any good? What can it do? Watch to the end where I make a cool project! Check out the exact router I tested here: 🤍 🎥 What to Watch Next: Is this laser any good? 🤍 ⚫Support Andy Bird Builds Channel Subscribe: 🤍 Visit: 🤍 Links to My Tools & Gear: 🤍 Buy CNC Digital Files: 🤍 Free CNC Guide - 🤍 ⚫Social Accounts - Follow for daily updates Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we'll receive a small commission. This is another great way to support Andy Bird Builds! #andybirdbuilds #cnc #cncrouter

Is HAAS in TROUBLE? SVM4100 Is Priced to Directly Compete…


It's new machine day! Is the SVM 4100 from DN Solutions really more machine for the money when compared to its competition? With the arrival of the new machine at Titans of CNC, the team talks about the specs and advantages of having the SVM 4100 on the floor as the the machine gets ready to be put to the test. 00:00 - 00:57 Machine Arrival 00:58 - 03:32 Unboxing and First Look 03:33 - 04:14 Moving the Machine Into Place 04:15 - 05:13 Barry's Project Sneak Peak 05:14 - 06:28 Finalize Machine Placement 06:29 - 07:44 Titan's Final Thoughts on the SVM 4100 Help us fund FREE Education by purchasing tools seen in our videos here: 🤍 FREE CNC Machining Academy: 🤍 FREE Aerospace Academy: 🤍 FREE Grinding Academy: 🤍 Subscribe for daily content and expert knowledge: 🤍 _ _ FREE CNC Machining Academy. Join the Revolution: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Join the conversation on our Facebook Group: 🤍 Connect with us on LinkedIn: 🤍 _ _ THANK YOU to our Partners who make this content possible: Kennametal - 🤍 Doosan - 🤍 United Grinding - 🤍 Mastercam - 🤍 Blaser Swisslube - 🤍 Solidworks - 🤍 Trumpf - 🤍 Trumpf TruMark - 🤍 Trumpf TruPrint - 🤍 Markforged - 🤍 Markforged Metal X - 🤍 Markforged X7 - 🤍 Markforged Mark Two - 🤍 Tyrolit - 🤍 Mitutoyo - 🤍 Haimer - 🤍 Schunk - 🤍 ONA - 🤍 #CNC #Machining #Machinist

Top 10 Dangerous CNC Crash Fail Compilation


Top 10 Dangerous CNC Crash Fail Compilation

Watch This Before You Buy A Desktop CNC Router


Start here if you're looking at purchasing a desktop CNC router. This 8-minute video will save you hours of headache. Join The CNC Inner Circle - 🤍 ⚫Check out my FREE guide for more information on getting started with CNC here 🤍 🎥 What to Watch Next: Starting A CNC Woodworking Business 🤍 ⚫Support Andy Bird Builds Channel Subscribe: 🤍 Links to My Tools & Gear: 🤍 Buy CNC Digital Files: 🤍 ⚫Links To Resources Mentioned In The Video Andy Bird Builds Website - 🤍 Carbide Create - 🤍 Easel - 🤍 Fusion 360 - 🤍 VCarve - 🤍 Speeds and Feeds - 🤍 ⚫Social Accounts - Follow for daily updates Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Music Licensed through Epidemic Sound #cncrouter #desktopcnc #andybirdbuilds

CS Cuba Hết Đường Đành phải Kêu Mỹ Giúp Đỡ


Dat Nguyen CNC chia sẻ cs cuba hết đường, đành kêu Mỹ giúp đỡ

VN Đồng Lương Quá Thấp 16 Ngàn Giáo Viên Nghỉ Việc...!


Dat Nguyen CNC Chia sẻ cuộc sống đời thường ở mỹ, đặc biệt mình sẽ chia sẻ ngành nghề tiện cnc, kinh nghiệm sống Ở Mỹ giup các bạn qua mỹ làm việc mau thành công

Pritec CNC plasmasnijder! #810


Hey mensen, vandaag hebben we een nieuwe plasmasnijder ontvangen van 🤍 Abonneer voor dagelijkse vlogs: 🤍 Check de MasterMilo webshop voor merchandise!: 🤍 Steun het kanaal en wordt Patreon: 🤍 Als Patreon lid ontvang je de vlogs eerder, wordt je naam in de video's vermeld en heb je toegang tot de vrijdagmiddag live borrel! Socials: Abonneer: 🤍 Dagelijkse video's: 🤍 Facebook - 🤍mastermilo82 Instagram - 🤍mastermilo82 #Werkplaatsvlog #mastermilo

How a CNC Helped Me Generate $5000 in Sales in under 48 Hours


Purchase Tool Mounts Here: 🤍 Have A CNC? Get the files here —————————————————————— My main channel 🤍 ————————————————————————— Click the link above for all the details and dimensions please allow 2-4 days for fabrication and handling, after which your items will ship Thank you so much Lazy Susan Bit Storage Video - 🤍 A huge thank you to TotalBoat for being a Channel Sponsor 🤍 enter 'TBGLIMPSE" at Checkout for 10% off your order! 2 Part High Performance Resin Here: 🤍 Table Top Resin Here: 🤍 halcyon here:🤍 🤍 use code "Glimpse10" for 10% off your order! 🤍 use code "glimpse15" for 15% off at checkout 🤍 the CNC software I use 🤍 makes the handheld prybar Follow me on Instagram - 🤍 To Help Support Us and The Channel, Click Below 🤍 A Huge Thank You to My Patrons: Updated List coming soon STEVE MILLS - JOHN C LEONARD- JOE PORTER - Dirty Bay Woodshop - JAY JOHNSON WALT ABEL MARK Thompson Doug Stubbs Al Genaro Basel Tashkandi Brett Ricketts Anthony Triola Derek Gibbons Bob Noble Carla Greenwood Matt Killam Shane OReilly Earl Price Keith Current Nettie Willmore Bill Durham Tony Surma Tharemy Hopkins Chuck Johnson Steve at Moonshine Metalworks Richard at FAB 42 David McCollum Marek Žehra THANK YOU ALL!!! Amazing Companies you should check out: TotalBoat 🤍 enter 'TBGLIMPSE" at Checkout for 10% off your order! Armor-Tool 🤍 Rockler 🤍 Powerpro Hardware - 🤍 🤍

5 CNC Projects You Can Make or Sell – Files Available


In this video, we will show you five CNC project ideas that you can make/sell and what bits we used to make them! All of these items are relatively easy to make and can be cut with basic CNC bits. If you aren't interested in designing them yourself these files will be available for purchase on our website! Thanks for watching! If you have any other great CNC project ideas post them in the comments for others to see! Files/Plans are available here: 🤍 Items used: Masking tape: 🤍 CA glue: 🤍 Cutting board oil: 🤍 Furniture finish: 🤍 Osmo: 🤍 Tung oil: 🤍 Trivets: 1/4 down cut: 🤍 3/8 round over: 🤍 Utensils: 1/4 down cut: 🤍 Bowl bit: 🤍 Sander: 🤍 Book Buddy: 1/4 down cut: 🤍 Coat hook: 1/4 down cut: 🤍 Threaded inserts: 🤍 Hanger bolts: 🤍 Hanger driver bit: 🤍 Cuttingboard / tablet holder: 1/4 down cut: 🤍 As an Amazon affiliate, I earn at no cost to you from qualifying purchases. Thank you! Two Moose SVGs and digital downloads - 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Main Website: 🤍 DIY Blog Website: 🤍 Amazon affiliate store: 🤍 Current affiliate/discount promo codes: Isotunes Ear Protection promo code 10% off TWOMOOSE 🤍 MAS Epoxy promo code for 10% off: TWOMOOSE 🤍 Walrus Oil wood oil promo code for 10% off: TWOMOOSE 🤍 Laguna tool 12% off most Cnc and lasers TWOMOOSE12 Free Stocks With Webull! 🤍 #CNC #Onefinity #cncmachine

Biggest 3d panel with CNC router


on advertising/cooperation email: cncadvert🤍 SECOND CHANNEL:🤍 FACEBOOK GROUP: 🤍 EMAIL: trofimko🤍 FACEBOOK PAGE://🤍 INSTAGRAM: illiabukata Decor STORE:

CNC Mill for under $100


In this video I'm going to show how I built a basic CNC mill. Most of the hardware was sourced from spare / leftover parts I had laying around from other projects and ended up costing me under $100. It has a working area of approximately 250mm x 250mm x 70mm and is capable of milling aluminum (though somewhat rough). The axes are moved with small NEMA17 stepper motors running at 24V, driven by A4988 drivers. The brain of the machine is an Arduino Uno running GRBL firmware, and G-code is sent to it via. USB from a laptop running Universal Gcode Sender - so everything is open source. I have a little bit of experience operating a CNC mill, but this is the first one i've built / owned. The biggest learning experience from this build was that everything needs to be tightened up and made as rigid as possible to get good results. Between leadscrew backlash and rails flexing, the spindle could easily be moved +/- 1mm or more, which causes tons of vibration, chattering, rough cutting, and loss of precision. In a future video I'll be upgrading the spindle and beefing up the structure to use 16mm rails instead of 8mm for better rigidity. I don't recommend trying to build this design yourself, because I created the printed brackets based on parts i had on hand, not what was "optimal". However, if you really want to, the STL's can be found here: 🤍 Music Used: Kevin MacLeod - George Street Shuffle Serge Pavkin - Atmospheric Ambient Kevin MacLeod - Groove Groove Eric Skiff - Underclocked Serge Pavkin - Fractal

CNC Router & Designing For Beginners - Garrett Fromme


This video is for anyone who is a beginner and new to benchtop or desktop CNC routers and project design. This video will walk you through step by step how to get started and design projects for your CNC router. You will also learn how to transfer g-code to your CNC router, among many other tips and tricks for the beginner. This video is intended to help the beginner avoid bad cuts, broken router bits, mistakes, and countless hours on YouTube trying to learn. This video will lead you to understand CNC router bits, saving g code detting up your cnc router, feeds and speeds, You will get a lot of cnc router tips and tricks along the way. We will also cover the CNC control software, such as universal gcode sender and gsender. You will learn how to do a tool path and about profile toolpaths and cuts. and will know the difference between profile and pocket cuts. We will be working in Vectric Vcarve desktop, pro and aspire but all applications work for all design software, like Easel, Carbide Crate, Fusion 360, Carveco, etc. Longmill CNC router → 🤍 FREE Feeds & Speeds table → 🤍 gSender FREE download → 🤍 3/16" down bit → 🤍 CNC router start bit set → 🤍 Longmill touch plate → 🤍 Calipers → 🤍 CA Glue (10% discount code→ IDCWOODCRAFT) → 🤍 Inexpensive laptops (4 starr) for your CNC router → Lenovo IdeaPad 14-inch: 🤍 → ASUS Laptop L410 Ultra Thin Laptop, 14”: 🤍 Discounts & Deals...CNC Insiders → 🤍 Support this channel → 🤍 VIDEOS Beginners easy forst project video→ 🤍 All about router bits→ 🤍 VECTRIC SOFTWARE LINKS [Please use these links when you order. It gives me credit. Thank you] → Vcarve Pro (Recommended): 🤍 → Vcarve Desktop (24x24” size limit): 🤍 → Vectric Aspire (3D modeling): 🤍 → Cut2D (for the budget-minded): 🤍 #cnc #cncrouters #cncforbeginners #vcarve #vectric Please support IDC Woodcraft Youtube channel: Buy me a cup of coffee: 🤍 - LONGMILL CNC ROUTER WEBSITE: 🤍 ROUTER BITS FOR CNC ROUTERS → 8-pc carbide CNC router bit set (w/ free vector files) 🤍 → 1” Surfacing bit required for surfacing your spoil board: 🤍 *Use this discount code (SURFACING BIT) → Glass engraving drag bit: 🤍 OTHER ‘MUST HAVES’ FOR CNC ROUTERS → Calipers: 🤍 → Hearing protection (plugs don't work): 🤍 Starbond CA Glue Products GET 10% OFF when you use this discount code: IDCWOODCRAFT Starbond link: 🤍 - MAKING MONEY WITH A CNC Words are the top-selling items of all time with CNC products. Get the free WORDS THAT SELL list: 🤍 Join CNC ENTREPRENEURS Facebook group: 🤍 CNC FREE STUFF AND MORE CNC Insiders sign up (free files and more): 🤍 NEW TO CNC OR STUCK IN A PROJECT? Schedule one-on-one time with me: 🤍 PLAYLISTS CNC FOR BEGINNERS: 🤍 CNC ENTREPRENEURS: 🤍 VECTRIC VCARVE & ASPIRE TUTORIALS FOR BEGINNERS: 🤍 If you currently own a CNC router, please take a moment to take this survey to share your experience with it: 🤍 Cool vector files for CNC router & CNC laser: 🤍 Learn how to start an online business from scratch: 🤍 CNC FOR BEGINNERS PODCAST: 🤍 Garrett Fromme Facebook: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Email: support🤍

This Machine Has Earned Me SO MUCH MONEY


This machine has earned me so much money! How to turn a CNC machine into a business. I got a massive, huge CNC machine upgrade; a 5' x 10' Avid Pro CNC and I'm wondering if this is the future of woodworking, manufacturing, small business, and DIY. I'll explain my thoughts on that, and why CNC machines are here to stay. Rockler: Dust Collector - 🤍 Dust Hose - 🤍 Ceiling Track - 🤍 J Hooks - 🤍 Amazon Affiliate Links: Drywall Anchors - 🤍 Lock Tite - 🤍 Milwaukee Ratchet - 🤍 MM Tape Measure - 🤍 #makemoney #cnc #smallbusiness

Extreme Fast Milling Machines in Action - DATRON CNC Machines


Extreme Fast Milling Machines in Action - DATRON CNC Machines

Foxalien Vasto Cnc with Linear Rails & Ballscrews - Build, Test & Review.


A review of the FoxAlien Vasto Cnc Router including Aluminum & Steel tests. This video was sponsored by 🤍 PCBWay coupon code (10$): PCBWay8th-techydiy Redeem here: 🤍 FoxAlien Vasto 🤍 FoxAlien Vasto with 40W laser 🤍 FoxAlien Vasto XXL (1000x1000mm / 39.7" x 39.7" ) 🤍 Endmills for Aluminum - Single flute DLC coated 🤍 3 flute DLC coated Variable helix 🤍 3 flute Carbide 45 degree helix 🤍 Endmills for Steel 4 flute Carbide TIAN 🤍 1.5kW spindle 🤍 1.5kW spindle 🤍 Inception low profile vice 🤍 FoxAlien low profile vice 🤍 ER11 collet set 🤍 Some of the links above are affiliate links. If you click on the link and buy something, you will not pay anything extra, but we might receive a small income, which is used to pay for future videos. 00:00 Introduction 02:11 Build 04:37 PCBWay 05:15 Software 06:48 GRBL settings 07:25 Height probe 08:21 Square the axes 09:00 FoxAlien example 09:56 Spoilboard 10:48 Infinity mirror 15:42 PCB 19:18 Aluminium Air Blast 23:36 Steel pocket 25:08 Laser 31:47 French cleat tool holder 33:49 Spindle upgrade 34:18 Aluminium 35:20 Celtic symbol 37:14 Brass 38:38 Steel 39:57 Steel pocket 41:26 Summary

My Best Project...Until Now


An automatic tool changer for my CNC router was on my "I want it" list for over a year. Now it's done, and I love it! I assume the question will come up where I got the tool changer. I bought it from My Best Project...Until Now Enjoy the video! Support me here: 🤍 or support me through my Amazon wishlist: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Video links Spoilboard v2: soon Operator console: soon Automatic dust shoe: 🤍 My online shop: 🤍 Affiliate links for router bits: English link: 🤍 German link: 🤍 Impressum (Legal notice): 🤍

CNC Mill Tutorial


Bad day for cnc worker


Bad day for cnc worker. A video that is sure to lift your spirits. Coolant replenishment has turned into a nightmare ! DONATIONS : Go To 🤍 My video editor: Movavi Video Editor Plus 🤍 cnc programming fails 2018 2019 cnc lathe work accident crash complation new 2018 cnc new cnc crash fails compilation cnc crash compilation machine accident cnc crash cnc machine cnc fails cnc machine job work cnc machinist russian lathe accident cnc router cnc fräsen cnc operator lathe machine cnc accident machining cnc machine accident work accident cnc crash extrem cnc machine crashes lathe fails cnc machine operator in hindi #cncmilling #cnc #cncfrezar

Don’t Buy Old CNC Machines | CNC Repairman


In this video the CNC Repairman talks about what used machines to avoid and what hidden dangers may be involved. Be sure to check out the CNC Replacement Parts store for replacement parts and tools. 🤍

CNC Router Wooden Door Design | Modern Wood Furniture Design | Best Wood For Carving With CNC.


CNC router wooden door design. Modern wood furniture door design. Best wood for carving with CNC machine. This is another video on my channel about wood carving-woodcut with an automatic CNC router machine. This channel is basically based on wood design. Here you will see videos of different designs with the help of CNC machines on wood, such as door designs, bed designs, almirah designs, etc. I hope you enjoy watching my videos on this channel. You will see videos of different designs on wood on this channel. I hope you will stay by my side of this channel and of course don't forget to subscribe, like, and comment on the channel. And if you like the video, I will be forever grateful if you share it with your friends. ✔✔ Thank You ✔✔ ✔✔ Please Subscribe to My Channel for more videos like this ✔✔ 🤍 #Wood_Carving #Wooden_Door_Design #CNC_Router_Machine #Wood_Design

This Part is so Difficult, They Told Me It COULDN'T Be Done


Jessie mills and grinds 4140 Heat Treated Steel into a part he's wanted to create his entire career. The contour milling was done on the BVM 5700 from DN Solutions. The grinding operation was suggested to be impossible on the Blohm Planomat XT, but he shows we can push this machine to its absolute limits achieve which was once viewed as impossible. Help us fund FREE Education by purchasing tools seen in our videos here: 🤍 FREE CNC Machining Academy: 🤍 FREE Aerospace Academy: 🤍 FREE Grinding Academy: 🤍 Subscribe for daily content and expert knowledge: 🤍 _ _ FREE CNC Machining Academy. Join the Revolution: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Join the conversation on our Facebook Group: 🤍 Connect with us on LinkedIn: 🤍 _ _ THANK YOU to our Partners who make this content possible: Kennametal - 🤍 Doosan - 🤍 United Grinding - 🤍 Mastercam - 🤍 Blaser Swisslube - 🤍 Solidworks - 🤍 Trumpf - 🤍 Trumpf TruMark - 🤍 Trumpf TruPrint - 🤍 Markforged - 🤍 Markforded Metal X - 🤍 Markforded X7 - 🤍 Markforded Mark Two - 🤍 Tyrolit - 🤍 Mitutoyo - 🤍 Haimer - 🤍 Schunk - 🤍 ONA - 🤍 #CNC #Machining #Machinist



This Video has no point, it is just the mesmerizing hum and movement of the CNC porting a head. Pete from the airport loves this stuff😁 Nice to meet you. To Become a Channel Member - 🤍

My CNC business is about to explode!


Introducing my new AvidPro4848 CNC! This machine is a game changer for my CNC business! Subscribe so you don't miss another video: 🤍 🎥 What to Watch Next: Where I got started - 🤍 ⚫Ways To Support Andy Bird Builds Channel Visit: 🤍 Links to My Tools & Gear: 🤍 Buy CNC Digital Files: 🤍 Buy CNC Bits (Use code ANDYBIRD at checkout): 🤍 ⚫Tools/Supplies Used In This Build - Avid CNC -🤍 Shapeoko - 🤍 A great way to support Andy Bird Builds is to make a purchase through affiliate links, you get what you need and I get a kickback! Thank you!! #andybirdbuilds #cncbusiness #woodworkingbusiness

The Ultimate Desktop CNC Router Comparison - Which Should You Buy?


I compare the X-carve, Shapeoko, and Onefinity desktop CNC routers from the angle of looking to purchase your first CNC. All the information comes from the respective brand's websites, just as you would find if you went to the websites on your own. I give my thoughts on the information we find. THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED IN ANY WAY Join The CNC Inner Circle - 🤍 Timestamps X-Carve - 1:01 Shapeoko - 9:11 Onefinity - 17:15 🎥 What to Watch Next: The Reality of Getting Into CNC Routers 🤍 ⚫Support Andy Bird Builds Channel Subscribe: 🤍 Links to My Tools & Gear: 🤍 Buy CNC Digital Files: 🤍 Free CNC Guide - 🤍 ⚫Social Accounts - Follow for daily updates Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Music Licensed through Epidemic Sound #andybirdbuilds #cncrouter #cnccomparison



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